Graduate Students (Ph.D.)

Anna Alexander, Enhanced photoemission characteristics through nanostructured coatings and plasmonic effects

Fatih Canbazoglu, Interfacial effects in thermal metamaterials

Peng Chen, Electrocatalytic effects in oxides

Bei Fan, Electrokinetics of superhydrophobic surfaces

Thomas W. Hall, Energy storage in nanostructures and dielectrics

David Moreira, Fluid structure interactions through fabrication and modeling of superhydrophobic surfaces

Krishna Vemuri, Theoretical and computational modeling of heat flux control

Marcelis Muriel, Electrochemical capacitors

Rajaram Narayanan, Charge storage in one- and two- dimensional nanostructures

Hidenori Yamada, Theoretical modeling of quantum capacitance effects in energy storage

Weekly group meetings, Wednesday 12 noon –, are a time to go over what’s happened over the last week, seek out solutions to problems, and most importantly enjoy dessert!

There is also a Journal club where graduate and undergraduate students present exciting new research topics at the frontiers.

Faculty Assistant

Roxanne Vanderheiden, Phone: (858) 534-3980
Room 281, EBU II


Byung-wook Kim(2014), Thermal properties of nanostructures and composites

Hasan Faraby (2014), Qualcomm FMA Award, Nonlinear nanostructure electronics and quantum effects for improved thermoelectric power factors

Rahul Kapadia (2014), Gordon Scholar, Experimental synthesis of metamaterials for heat flux control

Steve Pfeifer (2013) Electromagnetic Analysis of Nanostructure Dispersion in Polymer Matrices

Max Aubain (2013) Determination of the Thermal Conductivity of Dielectric Thin Films through Experimental Measurement and Crystallographic Analysis

Mark Hoefer (2012) Electrochemical implications of defects in carbon nanotubes

Paothep Pichanusakorn (2012) Thermoelectric and electrical characterization of Si nanowires and GaNAs

Sung-Hoon Park (2009) Thesis on Electrical, electromagnetic, and structural characteristics of carbon nanotube-polymer composites, (presently at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology- SAIT, Seoul)

Chi-Nung Ni (2008) Thesis on Electronic, Optical, and Mechanical Characterization of zero- and one-dimensional nanostructures
(presently at Applied Materials Inc.)

Shun-Hui Yang (2008) Thesis on: Giant birefringence silicon nanophotonic multi-slot waveguides for optical delay line applications

Jeff Nichols(2007) MS Thesis on: The influence of defects on the electrochemical properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes

Anton Arriagada, (2007-2009), MS

Joel P. Hollingsworth (2003-2005), MS

Under-graduate students

Neil Verma (2014) Fluid flow and PIV experiments

Andrew Huang (2014), Thermal modeling of heat exchanger based devices

Thaer Karajah (2012)

Calvin Patel (2007-2010)

E. Panganiban (2011)

J. Gokhale (2008)

Y. Alemu (2005-2009), McNair Fellow

Yi Chang (2007)

Alex Dooraghi (2008)

(presently at UCLA, Ph.D. Biophysics program)

Shivani Singh (2007)

Hiroaki Saito (2004-2007)

Yufeng Jiang (2006)

Sammy Lee (2005-2006)

Jai Parekh (2005)

Thomas Yang (2005)

Paothep Pichanusakorn (2004-2005)

Pengguan Yu (2004)