The Group (January 2019)

Graduate Students (Ph.D.)

Li Cheng, Electrokinetics of superhydrophobic surfaces

Sanjana Choudhary , Graphene and 2-D materials synthesis and characterization

Yongliang Dong, Plasmonics at the nanometer scale, Graphene field effect transistors (FETs) for biomarkers

Kassra Eshraghi , Quantum tunneling for enhanced photoemission

Shreyam Natani , Topological physics, Grain boundaries in multilayered 2D materials, Ferroelectrics

Nirjhar Sarkar Ballistic transport in quantum interference devices – role of low dimensional materials physics

Raivat Singhania Energy storage in lower dimensional materials

Kesong Wang Electrical phenomena in 2D materials

Yun Zhou, Topological effects in photonics and acoustics jointly advised with Prof. D. Sievenpiper (ECE)

Zichen Zhang, Carbon nanoelectronics

Weekly group meetings, Wednesday 3 pm+ –, are a time to go over what’s happened over the last week, seek out solutions to problems, and most importantly enjoy dessert!

There is also a Journal club where graduate and undergraduate students present exciting new research topics at the frontiers.

Faculty Assistant

Roxanne Vanderheiden, Phone: (858) 534-3980
Room 281, EBU II


E. Martinez-Loran, (2020) Characterization and Modeling of Ion Transport Kinetics in p-Si Photovoltaic Modules, Thesis

Peng Chen, (2020), Charge transfer study in nanostructure and biological redox pathway, Thesis

Bei Fan, (2019) Anisotropic Wetting Property of Superhydrophobic Surfaces and Electrokinetic Flow on Liquid-Filled Surfaces, Thesis

Thomas W. Hall, (2019), Electromagnetic and multipactor stresses on RF windows in drift tube linear accelerators, Thesis

Anna Alexander, (2018) Optical Resonances for Enhanced Quantum Efficiency Photocathodes pdf (2018)

Hidenori Yamada (2018), On Electrical Currents in Nanostructured Electrochemical Cells

Fatih Canbazoglu (2018), The influence of interfaces on heat transfer: Applications to thermal metamaterials, steam generation, and liquid evaporation

Serdar Yavuz, Graphene based Schottky junctions and solar cells

Rajaram Narayanan (2017), Charge storage in one- and two- dimensional nanostructures. Unconventional electrochemical kinetics in single-layer graphene.

David Moreira (2016), Fluid structure interactions, with respect to related heat transfer, and modeling of superhydrophobic surfaces

Krishna Vemuri, (2016) Thermal Metamaterials: Theoretical, Computational modeling, and Experimental Verification of heat flux control

Cihan Kuru, (2015) Two dimensional materials for sensing and energy

Byung-wook Kim(2014), Thermal properties of nanostructures and composites

Hasan Faraby (2014), Qualcomm FMA Award, Nonlinear nanostructure electronics and quantum effects for improved thermoelectric power factors

Rahul Kapadia (2014), Gordon Scholar, Experimental synthesis of metamaterials for heat flux control

Steve Pfeifer (2013) Electromagnetic Analysis of Nanostructure Dispersion in Polymer Matrices

Max Aubain (2013) Determination of the Thermal Conductivity of Dielectric Thin Films through Experimental Measurement and Crystallographic Analysis

Mark Hoefer (2012) Electrochemical implications of defects in carbon nanotubes

Paothep Pichanusakorn (2012) Thermoelectric and electrical characterization of Si nanowires and GaNAs

Sung-Hoon Park (2009) Thesis on Electrical, electromagnetic, and structural characteristics of carbon nanotube-polymer composites, (presently at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology- SAIT, Seoul)

Chi-Nung Ni (2008) Thesis on Electronic, Optical, and Mechanical Characterization of zero- and one-dimensional nanostructures
(presently at Maxim Inc.)

Shun-Hui Yang (2008) Thesis on: Giant birefringence silicon nanophotonic multi-slot waveguides for optical delay line applications


Abhishek Satisha , MS Thesis on: Light induced reversible and irreversible mechanical responses in nanotube-polymer composites

Marcelis Muriel, (MS 2016) The modification of the pore characteristics of activated carbon, for use in electrical double layer capacitors, through plasma processing

Jeff Nichols(2007) MS Thesis on: The influence of defects on the electrochemical properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes

Anton Arriagada, (2007-2009), MS

Joel P. Hollingsworth (2003-2005), MS

Under-graduate students and other researchers

Zichen Zhang (2015-2017) Photo-mechanical responses in nanotube-polymer composites

Francisco Mancillas (2012-2015), Cyclic voltammetry modeling

Neil Verma (2014) Fluid flow and PIV experiments

Johnny/Cheng Tang (2014-2015), Particle Induced Velocimetry (PIV)

Hochul Kim (2012-2015), Modeling flow on superhydrophobic surfaces

Andrew Huang (2014), Thermal modeling of heat exchanger based devices

Thaer Karajah (2012), Synthesis of nanotube-polymer composites

Po-Ting Chen (2012), Electrochemical measurements

Calvin Patel (2007-2010), “Four-coefficient” measurements on thermoelectric materials

Eric Panganiban (2011), Fluid mechanics of nanostructures

J. Gokhale (2008), LabView Automation of thermal measurements

Yonas Alemu (2005-2009), McNair Fellow, Sputtering of Si and SiGe thin films at low temperature

Yi Chang (2007), McNair Fellow, Setup of vacuum chamber for thermal measurements

Alex Dooraghi (2008), 3w measurements of thermal conductivity at MHz frequencies, UCLA, Ph.D. Biophysics

Julianna Wong , 2007-2008

Shivani Singh (2007),MS, Thermoelectric materials

Hiroaki Saito (2004-2007), Cyclic Voltammetry of nanostructures

Yufeng Jiang (2006), LabView Automation and equipment setup

Sammy Lee (2005-2006), LabView Automation and equipment setup

Jaron Scott, (2004-2006), LabView Automation

Jai Parekh (2005),LabView Automation of electrical measurements

Thomas Yang (2005), LabView Automation

Paothep Pichanusakorn (2004-2005), Thermolectric and electronic characterization of semiconductors

Pengguan Yu (2004), Electrical measurements on nonlinear nanotube structures